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Before You Code : Hosting
Do you need a Virtual Private Server?
by Tom Haddon
If you want more control over your hosting, but you're not quite ready for a co-located server. VPS hosting might be just just what you're after. In this quick-and-dirty guide, Tom introduces the concept of VPS hosting, explains the pros and cons, and outlines the points you should consider in deciding to use this form of hosting.
  • Rating: 8.1
  • Oct 21 st, 2005
  • Article

Why Google Will Defeat Yahoo! in the Web Hosting War
by Derek Vaughan
Google as the next *hosting* giant? Derek explains why the biggest name in search is destined to become the bigest name in hosting in this fast-paced Q and A. It's a must read for the avid Web-watcher!
  • Rating: 8.3
  • Sep 27 th, 2004
  • Article